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Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is the best way to digitally explore spaces.

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How does a virtual tour work?

A virtual tour is a digital tour through various spaces. A house, event location, hotel, business premises or even an airplane. A unique and detailed tour, where no corner goes unnoticed. We scan the space using a special Matterport camera. Because we use special cameras for this, the quality is much higher than the tours you often see. We merge the scans in Matterport into a virtual tour of your location! We can also immediately add your scan to Google Maps and Street View. This way your company is even more visible.

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Real Estate Virtual Tours 

A virtual tour (also called Matterport scan) is ideal for real estate. A virtual tour of a home is increasingly being used. The advantage for potential buyers is that they already have a good impression of the property, without having been there physically. It may even save you a second viewing! 


The images can be shown on a large screen, but for the ultimate experience it can also be viewed in Virtual Reality. Funda is now also contributing to the possibility of playing virtual tours on their website. As a real estate agent it is therefore possible to present your virtual tour on the Funda website. 


Do you also want to use a Matterport scan in real estate?

Contact us directly and receive a quotation

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Virtual tour of shops and businesses 

Are you the owner of a shop and/or business premises and do you want your potential customer to be able to see your company from a distance? Then opt for a virtual tour. This can be the deciding factor for the potential customer to visit your business. Suitable for, for example, furniture stores, wedding shops and flexible workplaces,

but also for internal use by employees and investors. 

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Hotels & Airbnbs

As a hotel or Airbnb owner you are aware that a first impression is the most important. With a virtual tour you offer your guests the opportunity to taste the atmosphere and hospitality of the hotel at home. 


Business guests should not be forgotten either. In addition to the rooms, you can also offer the option of a virtual tour of your meeting room or flexible workplaces. For example, schedule an online tour, or post the tour on your website. 

View event location through a virtual tour

Do you own one or more event location(s)? An online tour is the perfect solution for you and your potential customers. For example, customers who have to scout a location from abroad or customers who first want to get a better picture of the location before they come by. Help event organizers in their quest by offering a virtual tour!

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Virtual tour for insurers

View a damage several times from different angles. It is possible as an insurer if you have a virtual tour made of the damage. A house where there has been a fire, water damage or a car accident.

We also do that with our 360 degree photography. 

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Would you like a virtual tour / 360 photography of your location or are you curious about the possibilities? Then please contact us. We are happy to provide a non-binding offer. 

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